i've moved over to del.icio.us .... so this blog is semi-retired. evenutally, i'd like to consolidate all my blogging to one space...


i've moved over to del.icio.us .... so this blog is semi-retired. evenutally, i'd like to consolidate all my blogging to one space...


biscuit tuppence skips

roll-up bridge via Gizmodo.

this or that

short video from loop tv and film that pits clips of kerry against bush from the first debate.

it's hard work

a one minute synopsis of GW's debate rhetoric from SimSadler.


885 greatest songs

XPN live 88.5 lists their top 885 all-time greatest songs. it's a good list...now to itunes...


pop vs. soda

great visual map of who says pop or soda in the US. make sure to check out the excellent map (with statistics by county).



graphical representation of google news. pretty colors.


iowa markets

real-money futures market for things like elections.


electoral votes

proportionally correct map of the current breakdown of electoral votes.

and it washes clothes too

smart-tag reading, washing machine catalogs how often an item is washed and can notify you by email or sms.

kerry rambles

Phillip James writes for the guardian.

the origin of izzle

on language article by william saffire disects the "izzle." Snoop Dogg says,""The message is L.I.G.: let it go. O.K., America? Let it go. You can't say 'izzle' no more. Tizzle, fizzle, dizzle - none of that. It's over with. … Let's find something new. Maybe pig Latin, anything."


from a to z a stamp lover's delight.

art car fest

sept. 16-19 SF bay area.

ye scurvy dogs!

my birthday (sept 19th) is talk like a pirate day. (via BoingBoing)

color palette generator

upload an image and it delivers the related color palette.


cool fonts available to preview and download.

cancel that space mission...

another reason to visit antartica (not that i needed another one): it's the best place on earth to see the stars. so good, in fact, that we may not need to launch as many space missions. (details via link to scientific american)


type in the digits of a zipcode and the map lights up with the zipcodes containing that sequence. tons and tons of fun!


death tree

when you die, they plant a tree (above your biodegradeable coffin) that uses your body as food. semi-creepy, yet appealing.



data on the earth today (how many births, deaths, bicycles etc.).

go balloons!

margaret mason shares her experience as a "visual" whip at the 2004 DNC.


republicans for voldemort

original comic is here.

tuvalu is sinking

my cat is named tuvalu (tuvi). he seems to be still be dry...

get fuzzy

garfield meets bloom county. we should all get fuzzy.

early easter

what? you don't like the easter bunny?
(via Davezilla)


ollie and bette

really, really cool luggage.

french word-a-day

lâcher: Combien de gens meurent dans les accidents, pour ne pas lâcher leur parapluie.

one of these things first

can't get enough of nick drake.


listen to 90.7


obsessively detailed map.


four stories

a new, breathtakingly beautiful book by andy farkas.


joanne & rob


vineyard vines

fun, preppy clothes for boys.
fun fact: john kerry spent $26K on 400+ custom ties from VV.


my friend seth's awesome weblog. cluck, cluck.




word count

WordCount™ is an artistic experiment in the way we use language. It presents the 86,800 most frequently used English words, ranked in order of commonality.

why i wore lipstick

courage. coming to you October 21, 2004.

register to vote

di rosa preserve

art + nature

pablo picasso

"There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun."



L'amour fait songer, vivre et croire Il a pour réchauffer le coeur
Un rayon de plus que la gloire, Et ce rayon, c'est le bonheur.
-- Victor Hugo


nyc fashion week

"Day dresses are very important — a bit more whimsical and fun...Sleeveless sheaths that are belted at the waist — very retro 50's. Eyelet dresses in dusty pastels. Printed floral in chiffon."
from the NYT article (subscription required).


yummy french sweets!


taking the ghetto out of ghetto fabulous

miami herald article on fonzworth bentley.


more mondo

what type of track do you run on?


the problem with m. night shyamalan

*spoilers abound*


creating and sustaining fear

Bruce Schneier for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune